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Army, Air Force and Navy Personnel

Our requests for the presence of personnel from the Australian Defence Force have always been met with an affirmative response.  Depending upon the veteran’s particular  service, i.e.Army, Navy or Air Force, we have always found our ADFpeople to be as accommodating as they possibly can. 

This particular show of respect adds to the sense of pride and honour that our families and friends of our deceased veterans feel, whilst finally being able to acknowledge the services of their loved ones.  Though we’ve travelled miles all over this vast state, there have always been ADF personnel made available to us to participate in honouring our indigenous veterans.  We thank them for that. 

 Salvation Army

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a great history of involvement in caring and supporting defence personnel during and after of periods of conflict.  They have always provided our defence forces  and indeed, the general community with a sense of comfort, support and understanding in times of need.  It takes a very special person to be able to treat everyone equally with dignity and respect whilst maintaining their integrity, honesty and good will. 

“Thank God for the Salvos!”

The Bugler and the Bagpipes

“Rouse” is a short bugle call which was used to call soldiers to their duties.  The “Last Post” symbolizes a final farewell, that the duty of the dead is over, and that they can rest in peace. It’s a poignant moment shared by us all when the sound of the bugle is heard. “Amazing Grace” when performed by a lone bagpipe player touches the hearts of every body attending one of our memorial ceremonies. 

The Catafalque Party

A catafalque party consists of four sentries, a waiting member in reserve and a commander.  This group of defence personnel  take up positions as a guard at the grave site or nominated memorial during a military funeral in a church or cemetery; at a memorial or special occasions such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day or during a memorial service in a church for a recently deceased distinguished person. 

Again, the personnel from our Defence Forces have been only too happy to participate in our  "headstone ceremonies.”  It’s confirmation really of the respect held for our passed veterans, by all of our defence force personnel involved in conflict, both past and present. 

This is indeed an honour, and has played an important part in showing the families of our passed servicemen and women, that their efforts and services to the country are not forgotten.

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