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  Aboriginal Pastor and Elder
Being an elder is not a matter of age, nor is it dependent on exclusive or even comprehensive knowledge of history or the means of physical survival. Being an elder is a quality of spirit that transcends the physical, that can be earned only through service to the universal good.  We’ve been blessed with having our Aboriginal elders play an important part in all of our ceremonies.  Their role in welcoming us all and reminding us to  remember the good in all situations is very much appreciated by us all.

Peer Recognition

During our “headstone ceremonies,” we have the reading of “the Ode.”
  Peers from the veteran community come forward to participate in this as a sign of respect to all veterans of war, past and present.  Partners of our veterans stand by their side as a symbol of their support.  These “silent partners” deserve credit for their understanding, ongoing support and respect whilst helping their loved ones adjust to civilian life.


Smoking Ceremony and Didgeridoo

A Smoking Ceremony is a formal way of Aboriginal Elders welcoming people to their country and plays a very important part of Aboriginal tradition and culture.  This spiritual ceremony cleanses and heals people who come into contact with the smoke. 

The didgeridoo music has it’s origins in the Dreaming. It can be haunting and mysterious, calming and healing, or pulsate with an uplifting of the spirit.   

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